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Adam Carte

image of Adam Carte

Adam Carte, a biochemistry alumnus from Hico, West Virginia, is currently studying at Harvard.

He initially set out to be a doctor, but he soon realized his heart was in the discovery of science - not practicing medicine.

Carte pursued biochemistry with a minor in biology, learning biological functions and cellular interactions. For him, the value in understanding the interactions among cells and inside of cells in small animals – like fruit flies – is that the pathways underlining the behaviors are similar, so the findings can often be translated in to a higher order organism in an animal or human. That discovery intrigued him.

That’s why he is pursuing a Ph.D. in systems biol­ogy.

“If I went to medical school, I would be practic­ing medicine - not science,” he said. “Medicine is about applying knowledge that’s been discovered, but when becoming a scientist, you get to gener­ate new knowledge and make new discoveries, and I think that’s really exciting.”